Remember these teeny tiny buns? Brings me right back to the mid-90s, when those cute little tufts of hair were all over the place. A job and a half to bring them on and not too comfortable to wear, but hey, weren't they cool? Sassy pop stars such as Björk and Gwen Stefani from No Doubt, both known for their distinct styles, played a huge part in spreading the hairdo's popularity. Soon others would follow, adapting the buns but wearing them in their own creative ways. After all, anything was possible then... The funnier, the better!

Björk - Big Time Sensuality

Gwen Stefani on stage

Melanie B from the Spice Girls

Janet Jackson with red hair

What are you looking at?
1. Quirky gone cool: Björk on the set of her music video Big Time Sensuality in 1993. The buns are somewhat bigger because of her longer haircut.
2.  Always up for something new, fashionwise Gwen Stefani definitely rocked the buns on several public appearances. It was only a hint of what a style icon she would be.
3.  Melanie B from the Spice Girls, AKA Scary Spice, claimed the multiple buns succesfully and variated by wearing just two big buns on the front while the rest of her wild Afro-curls could play around freely. I remember this to be a popular style among my friends, who were all caught by Spice fever. Even my younger sister enthousiastically made it part of her outfits (so cute!).
4.  Another lovely example of "bunning it up" with a twist: during her Velvet Rope-period, Miss Jackson did not hesitate to add some colour, while she succeeded her buns with little pony tails.

Looking back in 2013, a period of relatively sober hairstyles for women, this playful hairdo still appeals to me. Not for the average good girl, but for those who are up for some fun!